by The Rangebears

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released May 27, 2012



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The Rangebears Monroe Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: The Ruined Class
You can find me down amidst the ruined class
Making my home beneath the broken glass
Light as a feather but falling twice as fast
Searching through rubble to try and find my crest

Don't ask me to sit with my hands covering my face
And I won't ask you to ever consider balancing your haste

Don't ask me to hold back my tongue behind my lips
And I will keep all our secrets sprinkled throughout these cadences
Track Name: Where's My Plaid?
While you were blowing through lines of coke
In a parked car outside of Shop-Rite
I was watching Seinfeld reruns
Writing down my every thought

While you were rocking your post-hardcore
And rolling dice to dirty dub-step
I was waiting at a bus stop
Waiting for a bus to New York

While you were getting high
I was going to school
While you were complaining about everything and everyone
I had nothing to complain about

While you were boasting about your past
Blowing up your own mundane life
I was at home watching the wings
Get beat by the fucking penguins

While you were stumbling through your words
About how much you miss playing music
I was making mental notes
Of lyrics I would use for this song

While you were making excuses
I was making songs
While you were complaining about everything and everyone
I had nothing to complain about
While you were stumbling around
While you were falling down
While you were making excuses
I was making songs
While you were making excuses
I was making songs
Track Name: Bop Bop Bop
These bones may splinter and crack
beneath all the weight your misconceptions place onto me,
it seems like I can never live up to me
These faults I try to right
but they bring me down,
make me want to hide underground,
and keep away from everyone around me

I am not someone who can make it all go away
I can't handle all of your and all my mistakes

This life I try to lead
but the regrets always need to gnaw at me,
as of yet I'm unable to rewrite history
And this past that's attached to me
that everyone save me seems to see,
that it's not something that can define me

I am not someone who can make it all go away
I can't handle all of your and all my mistakes

These thoughts that creep to me,
infest my mind and cloud my judgement every time,
they prevent me from ever seeing your true beauty
And this breath that I mistakenly mistook for mine
but I can never seem to find
cause all you do is take it away from me

I am not someone who can make it all go away
I can't handle all of your and my mistakes
But if you want to stand by me, maybe that's all I need
Track Name: Decode Me
Adjust the lense
Sharpen the focus
Press your eye against
The edge of your telescope

A present from your childhood
Helps you to bridge the gap
Between killing time on your back porch
And messages written in the stars

The fire roaring
A gentle glow
A mess of papers
holding your line of sight

A gift from me to you
Attempting to bridge the gap
I've carved into every piece
An apology to you

I speak in hieroglyphics
Uncover the hidden message
Only you have the key
To decode me
Track Name: My Great American Novel Of A Life
What is in this force driving me forward?
Is it composed of my own inherit ambitions
Or of a need to fulfill mistaken expectations

Like the ones I gleaned from your eyes
Who am I looking to achieve these things for?
Are they for me or for you?

I'm still waiting for that day when you'll say to me:

You've done just what i needed from you
Now We can erase this distance between us
like chalk from a board,
with nothing but the faint remnants of
something under the surface
Track Name: Construct
Follow the
Line of thought
As it catches
on this tangled web

Of fingers
In my hand
the tighter I squeeze
The more falls out

The more I try
the less remains
It always seems
To fall away from me

Take away
What remains
Of this construct
Of our own design

Watch as I
Fade away
Through the recesses
Of the back of your mind

It reaches the point of your barricade
It prevents you from feeling anything
It fails to get through

I'm right outside of your barricade
Trying to get you to understand everything
But failing to get through
Track Name: It Could've Been Me
Tell me
To where are you gonna go?
In those late hours when you're alone
And nobody'll pick up their phone
And tell me
To whom are you gonna turn?
When it's late and you're cold and alone
And you need someone

And it could've been me
And it could've been me
And it could've been me
But not anymore
Track Name: Fingernails
Tonight I'll be digging up old wounds
Revisiting those self-inflicted scars
that have since healed over
I'll be tearing away

Tonight I'll be coming up for air
On the shore that sits at the end
Of an ocean-sized monument
To simpler times too quickly spent

Tonight I will most assuredly
Be contradicting everything I've ever said
Alternating between wishing you were here
And wishing you were nowhere near

In the absence of this meaning that I've been searching for
The constant looping nightmare of an ever present void
(Peel the scab back so that you may watch it bleed some more)

I know that you
Will leave me alone
But your memory won't
Track Name: The Roots Of Things
The sound echoes throughout
I engage only to hear words
They start from you as it moves towards me
Floating across state lines and streets

The voice belongs to you but not the words
Some hold their weight while others don't
They sail away just as they are born
While others sink down deep and root into my veins

They navigate their way through the caverns of my body
Traveling up and down my bloodstream
Pulsating and resonating
Track Name: Chameleonry
I am a master of becoming what is around me
I can avoid your eyesight even when you're right in front of me
I can cloud your ability to recollect
To make you see mine as you would a stranger's face

I walk through your line of sight
Undetected, Undetected

I am a master of chameleonery
I can make it so you're unaware of me
I can cloud your ability to differentiate
What is me from what is behind me
Track Name: On Brisk Summer Nights
Mosquito bites on the back of my neck
Moist residue from coke bottles
Dripping and rolling through
The Valleys of my fingers

Open wounds scabbing over
A metal point scratching through vinyl
And producing a collection of noise
Arranged to produce feeling

This is where I belong
On brisk summer nights
A fire burning at my side
See the truth in the shine
Bare feet against the floor
Eyes glance upwards to the sky
Breathe in deep the night
Breathe in deep the night

Walking through the grass
A coating of dew beneath my feet
Toes dig deep into the dirt
A silent march underground

A Polaroid snapshot
Yellowed by time
Freezing a moment
Never to be reached again

This is where I belong
On brisk summer nights
When all things had meaning
When every all hopes were close

Pages turn from a book
Blown open by the wind
A mess of thoughts flies by
As softly toss back my head
I stare through the mesh barrier
Stare through at the woods
Through the branches of the darkened trees
At a fracture of the world
Track Name: Parellel & Away
Stare through me like I'm a window
Into a past you don't want to know
Blank expressions form in place of words
Silence is all thats heard
I always knew things would end up this way
I told you so the very first day that we met
Feelings that once not too long ago were there
Have hallowed out and simply vanished

Two lines running parallel and away
A point of convergence nowhere to be seen

You can't hold me accountable
For the scars you've been forced to show
I tried to cover you up buy I know
This is something you've gottado on your own

Write down all the things you could have been
Fold it up and set it down stream
Watch the current drag it down below
To the places you can't go